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Friday, September 27, 2013

Do "Official" Notices Scare You?

Over the past 2-3 weeks, I have fielded more than a dozen inquiries from clients who were concerned by the "Official" notice that they had received from the State of Minnesota.  Each of these notices quoted statutory guidelines regarding corporate formalities and annual meeting documentation requirements for business owners.  Each notice included a Call To Action for the business owner to complete the form and submit it (along with a check to cover the fee).

While I have addressed this issue in the past, I thought it might be a good idea to focus on this matter again due to the number of inquiries we have received.  You see, the problem with these "Official" notices from the State of Minnesota is that they aren't from the State of Minnesota.  In fact, the State of Minnesota's policy is that they do not send out these types of notices to business owners.  I don't know if they feel it is an unwise use of resources or not, but I do know that it is the State's position that being familiar with statutory requirements and obligations is the business owner's responsibility, not theirs.  The bottom line is that these "Official" notices are solicitations, period.

I have to give the companies that send out these notices some credit as they do a good job of making them look "Official", as if they are indeed the State of Minnesota.  Technically, they aren't doing anything wrong and one could argue that it is simply an effective selling technique that makes good business sense.  I wonder how many people who don't know about Safe Shield, simply assume that this is a legitimate requirement from the State and write out the check?

The point that I am trying to drive home today is that sometimes things that look "Official" are anything but that, and hopefully this serves as a good reminder of that for all of us.  For our clients who made the right decision in contacting us, I applaud your good judgment and encourage you to tell other business owners about us because you know what a great job Safe Shield has done in taking care of all corporate formalities and annual review documentation requirements for you.

Whether you are our business associate, client, or trusted friend... please feel free to contact us with questions such as these.  We are here to help!