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Sunday, February 22, 2015

Employee Empowerment

“Workin’ hard, or hardly workin’?”
“No one notices what I do around here until I don’t do it”
“I don’t mind coming to work, it’s the eight hours I wait to go home that I hate”
“I like my job best when I’m on vacation”

The workplace jokes go on and on. It seems commonplace for most people to dread going to work every day, but a comical statement may be a sign of a bigger problem. At Safe Shield, we know that low office morale can keep your company from running like a well-oiled machine. We’d like to offer you some tips to perk up the office and maintain (or bring back) your company’s morale:

·         Open communication
It is important to make your employees aware of certain operations inside the company. Employees that are kept in the dark see their higher-ups as less approachable. When the entire office is aware of a situation or problem, they are more likely to ask questions and have the opportunity to come up with solutions. Obviously not everything can be shared with everyone in the company, but well-informed employees respond better to management and become more loyal to the company.

·         Positive encouragement
Simply put, be a role model to the company. Be a coach, not a dictator. People are most creative when they enjoy their work, and part of enjoying work is knowing it is appreciated. Also, give them the opportunity to choose their own projects whenever possible. Studies show that employees with variation and choice in their career are far more productive and creative.

·         Recognize efforts
Even if they fail, recognize the efforts the members of your company put in. It is far better to have an employee who is taking risks than one who is complacent. Recognition gives your employees courage to keep trying new approaches and keeps your company moving and changing instead of staying in the same old routine.

·         Reward success
Rewarding successes around the workplace can be the most important and obvious way to improve morale. Rewards can be simple ideas- acknowledgement at a weekly meeting, having lunch with the CEO, or giving extra vacation days. Employees appreciate recognition for their work and will be more productive and eager to perform- not to mention the fact that they are being given an incentive to do well.

·         Clearly define roles
Those who do not understand what they are supposed to do, don’t do it well. Make sure your office has a firm grasp on the roles in the company. An efficient employee is one who knows exactly what is expected of them and what is not. Placing blame on others and misplaced excuses are reduced and become unneeded with well-defined company roles.

·         Require accountability
Employees need to know when they are meeting expectations and when they are not. If other employees see mistakes being made and no one being held accountable, they see little need to improve themselves. Be supportive and clear, but firm in requiring accountability in your employees, and others will take note.

Safe Shield wants to help you mold and build your business into the best that it can be. Try a few of these tips around your office, and soon you will see the talk around the water cooler turn from Monday complaints to excited ideas and eager responses.