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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Safe Shield Client: Cohlab

Cohlab, founded a year and 4 months ago by Heather Robbins and Cliff Robbins, is one of Safe Shield’s newest clients. Cohlab helps small businesses create a collaborative web and mobile strategy that is both understandable and affordable. Heather and Cliff got the idea after they learned about the struggles their aunt and uncle were having maintaining and understanding the technology surrounding their business’ website. After discovering that many other business owners were experiencing the same frustrations, Heather and Cliff decided to open Cohlab- a company small business owners can turn to for help in growing their business’ online visibility.

While the partnership between Cohlab and Safe Shield is new, Heather and Cliff compliant. So far Kent and the Safe Shield team have helped Cohlab get their documentation and certification in order. “Working with Safe Shield not only gives us one less thing to worry about it also
know what a value it is to their business, “We started with Safe Shield just a month ago; which is a year too late. We wish we would have met Kent when we were first starting to plan the business.” Heather and Cliff are realizing how much they didn’t know about what needs to happen in order for their business to stay provides us with a trusted advisor.”

Knowing that Cohlab’s compliance needs are taken care of, Heather and Cliff are focusing on growing their business. Within the next couple of months they plan to move out of their home office into an office building in downtown St. Cloud. All the while knowing that Kent and the rest of the team from Safe Shield will take care of their business affairs to keep them safe and compliant.

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