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Sunday, December 7, 2014

Tips for Young Entrepreneurs

Perhaps one of the most exciting endeavors a person can pursue is starting up a new business. The promise of success can be alluring, but the fear of failure can be incredibly stressful, especially for young entrepreneurs entering the business community for the first time. To build up confidence and market any new business, keep in mind these four tips:

1.      Network
Especially when you are first starting your business, it is important to connect with your community. One of the easiest things you can do is join your local chamber group and start networking. Mingle with other business professionals in your area to build awareness for your company, learn about other businesses, and refer business to others building reciprocity for them to refer business back your way. This is a great place to start your client base. Use convenient tools such as LinkedIn to stay in touch with your new connections.

2.                  Set goals for your business
Set realistic, achievable long term and short term goals for your business and plan for how to achieve these goals. Setting goals for your business is important to give focus and drive on what you are trying to accomplish. Write down and display your goals to give yourself a constant reminder for what you are striving towards. After you set your goals come up with a strategy on how you plan to follow through with those goals. As the famous quote says “A goal without a plan is just a wish.”

3.                  Get online; go social
In today's world it is extremely important to have a good website. For many businesses, a great website has become the face of the business. With basically everyone searching for information online, it is necessary to have a professional, easily navigable website for potential customers to find out information on your business. Use social media as an inexpensive way to bring traffic to your website. Social media connects online users to your business by building your brand and pushing customers to your website.

4.            Get your business set up right           
Start your business off on the right foot by getting it set up right. Talk with the professionals at Safe Shield about setting up your business entity and monitoring the ever changing regulations to keep your business compliant on an ongoing basis. They will help you keep your personal assets safe by creating a Corporate Veil for your business. While failure to preserve Corporate Formalities and meet Ongoing Compliance standards threatens the integrity of your Corporate Veil, ultimately leaving your personal assets exposed and at risk, the experts at Safe Shield will mitigate that risk.

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  1. Networking and getting social are by far the most important. Everyone always wants to do it all themselves, but it's just not possible. You have to build a strong team. And maybe pick up some nice ID card software while you're at it so you can print nice ID cards.