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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


When it comes to self-employment, perhaps no other industry has provided quite the volume of opportunities as direct sales businesses. In fact, Women’s Day Magazine reports that, in 2009, over 16 million Americans generated more than 28 billion dollars in revenue from these home-based, consultation and party-style enterprises.

Some names - Avon, Mary Kay, Amway - are those you’ve probably heard. These are companies that have been granting extra income to home-based entrepreneurs for decades. But, there’s a whole new crop of direct-sales companies rising in popularity.

If you’re one of the millions of people kicking around the idea of joining this industry, take a peek at this list of 4 up-and-coming companies you might want to look into.


Founded in 2012, this direct-sales cosmetics company has been expanding rapidly with an extensive inventory of natural cosmetics. Distributors, called “presenters,” typically make sales via an online presence, along with home and online demonstration parties. Online research finds presenters need to spend $99 on a start-up kit, and can expect to make a 25% commission on sales. Basically, $1,000 in sales nets the seller about $150.


According to their website, Thirty-One Gifts formed 10 years ago “with a simple goal of helping women by giving them an opportunity to own their own business.” The business boasts a wide-ranging inventory with everything from handbags to stationary to creative storage solutions - and a nationwide consultant force of over 80,000. While not as new as some of our profiled companies, Thirty-One Gifts has staying power; it ranked 5th for fastest-growing Multi-Level-Marketing (MLM) companies in 2011, with over $100 million in profit.


This direct-seller, formed in 2010, has seen marked success with women by selling ready-to-wear decorative nail strips. Like all reputable work-at-home businesses, Jamberry has an online presence for customers to shop without a sales agent. However, the company employs thousands of sellers around the US who actually stand to earn a fair amount through commission. After a $99 startup cost, a Jamberry consultant will earn 30% commission from all sales.


While not particularly new when compared to other direct-sales companies, Lilla Rose bears mentioning simply because it’s got a solid reputation. The business formed in 1992, selling all varieties of hair accessories. Like many other home-based businesses, consultants are encouraged to host parties to lure more customers and possibly consultants. The model has worked well for them; according to Find the Best, Lilla Rose consultants earn a 40% sales commission, one of the highest in the direct-sales universe.

Direct sales is a huge empire, and folks interested in venturing into it are not going to have trouble finding a product or company that interests them. Are you self-employed as a direct sales consultant? What’s the experience like for you? Leave us a comment below - and good luck!


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