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Friday, May 16, 2014


Social media is, without a doubt, becoming a major player in the business world. If you need some convincing, consider this: as of last year, around three-fourths of all Fortune 500 companies had an active presence on major social media platforms. These are companies with unlimited resources to spend on advertising, and a huge part of that effort is now participatory and actively being funneled into highly shareable media like Facebook and Twitter.

This strategy is also becoming indispensable for smaller, independently-owned enterprises.

If you’re a small business owner, there are, quite literally, hundreds of reasons to forge a presence on social media. We’ll keep it simple; here are a few of the top reasons to consider.

Going Social is Inexpensive

If you’re new to the business world, the odds are good that you’re operating on a slim promotional budget. Social media is a great way for home-based businesses with limited start-up resources to get themselves “out there.” These platforms allow business owners to deliver targeted messages without having to spend large amounts of money on traditional or print advertising. What’s more, unlike traditional advertising, social media messages are interactive; they have the power to begin a dialogue between your company and potential customers.

Going Social Creates Business Awareness

Many independently-owned new businesses are formed right in a person’s home office or living room - but social media can work around that! Cultivating a strong social image raises awareness of your business’ existence and the services offered. You can showcase your expertise and services with tips and advice through social media and generate a customer base - even from your family room.

Going Social Finds Your Target Audience

Billions of people are on social media…yes, billions. With that volume of users, it goes without  saying that they’re an easy way to find the right customers. By joining different industry-specific groups on social media, you’ll find it’s easier to find people in your target audience and reach out to them. Invite them to learn more about your company - start a social media conversation!

Going Social Increases Your Online Presence

Not only does being social have benefits in and of itself, but if you do it properly, you’ll bring those very same users to your website. Many home-based businesses rely on their website to act as the face of their business - and social media can direct users right to it. The result? A boost in SEO, and greater odds that new business will find you in the future!

Going Social Kickstarts Business Events

Many home-based businesses launch their brand by hosting parties or events to promote their products. Social media is a really easy means for promoting and inviting your friends and associates to join you. Those contacts can, in turn, invite their friends and associates to learn more about your event. After all, the best and most trusted form of advertising is organic promotion from others!

This is a brief list; the reasons to go social with your home or independent business are as varied as there are businesses in the world. Have you used social media to promote your business? What has worked for you? Leave us a comment and let us in on your thoughts!

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